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2015, Nov 15

Published DZone article: "Four SPI Flavors: Stateful Using Hashbangs"

This article is a tutorial of how to make Single Page Interface SEO compatible web sites with ItsNat, in this case Stateful using Hashbangs.

2014, Feb 11

RelProxy v0.8 released! RelProxy provides hot class reload to ItsNat!!

RelProxy is a hot class reloader from source code for Java and Groovy to avoid tedious redeploys. In spite of RelProxy is an autonomous project, it was conceived to provide hot class reload to ItsNat, avoiding redeploys when coding view logic in pure Java.

2013, Oct 23

Slides of the ItsNat SPI SEO compatible stateless talk in Codemotion Madrid,October 18-19

Slides authored by J.M.Arranz of the talk in Codemotion Madrid, October 18. Two versions, English and Spanish

2013, Oct 13

Added to tutorials: Simple ItsNat (Core) STATELESS Application

The new tutorial is the same tutorial as the previously published in JavaLobby and a subset of tutorial included in Reference Manual and online in the Feature Showcase.

2013, Sept 26

ItsNat is added to the hall of fame of frameworks with support of pure Java hot compilation and class reload!!

Similar to GProxy for Groovy, JProxy is the same for hot compilation and class reload from Java sources, take a look to ItsNat Experiments and source code (jreloadex folders). In a short future JProxy (and GProxy) will be included in ItsNat.

2013, Sept 22

Nice discovery: ItsNat works fine on Winstone Servlet Container

Winstone is an extremely lightweight servlet container with no more strings attached, you can run your ItsNat web project just with this command: java -jar winstone-lite-0.9.10.jar your_itsnat_project.war . Thanks to Ravindranath Akila for this discovery.

2013, Aug 18

Updated Groovy example in ItsNat Experiments to support AUTOMATIC RELOAD of classes

See online and Source code (groovyex folders)

2013, Aug 13

Added Groovy example integrated on ItsNat in ItsNat Experiments

See online and Source code (groovyex folders)

2013, Aug 9

Reasons to use ItsNat, by Adimpression

Reasons to use ItsNat by Adimpression LLC creator of ItsNat based sites like I Like Places and work in progress Thank God It Is Friday

2013, Aug 2

Added Java Expression Language examples integrated on ItsNat in ItsNat Experiments

See online and Source code

2013, Jul 25

Revamped PlayStation Asia website based on ItsNat!

PlayStation Asia new version of website is based on ItsNat stateful. An interesting example of visually complex site mixing ItsNat and powerful jQuery effects.

2013, Jul 19

Article: Don't Throw Away Your Old Java Web Framework: the Short Single Page History of Twitter

Twitter.com follows a similar server-centric approach than ItsNat for SPI SEO compatible websites, read at JavaLobby.org and in JavaHispano.org the brief story of how Twitter reached the current solution.

2013, Jul 13

Added jOOX examples to ItsNat Experiments

See online and Source code

2013, Jul 13

Added server centric XPath examples to ItsNat Experiments

See online and Source code

2013, Jul 3

New Single Page Interface STATELESS SEO Compatible Tutorial using HASHBANGS


2013, Jun 8

Take a look to the new STATELESS examples of v1.3

example in manual and example using components

2013, May 19

Created Google Group for ItsNat discussions


2012, Dec 1

ItsNat source code browseable at GitHub

Start here

2011, Jul 15

Tutorial: Custom components and friendly URLs

Chinese version.

2011, Jul 14

I Like Places or how to drive Google Maps in server with ItsNat

I Like Places a social site created by Ravindranath Akila is an example of how ItsNat can help to build a new generation of hybrid client/server centric web sites/apps, in this case Google Maps listeners are bound to ItsNat in server and server code updates and modifies Google Maps behavior in a Single Page Interface environment.

2011, Feb 21

"How to configure with Spring an API not based on Spring"

Presentation in SpringIO Congress held in Madrid Feb 17-18 2011 about how to configure an ItsNat web project with Spring using some Spring DI tricks. Slides in English and Spanish.

2011, Feb 7

JavaLobby.org article Single Page Interface, Google App Engine and 28Kb

How to build server-centric scalable Single Page Interface web sites in GAE with minimum shared data (serialized session) between nodes. Same article at javaHispano.org (Spanish). Chinese version.

2011, Jan 26

JavaLobby.org article Hybrid Client-Server Centric Programming: a Match Made In Heaven

This article shows how we can fully manage a semi-black-boxed JavaScript component from server in a Single Page Interface environment with minimum custom JavaScript. The same example has been added as a new tutorial tutorial in support section.

2011, Jan 25


Big price cut on commercial licenses. Commercial licensing.

2011, Jan 19

TheServerSide.com article The "joy" of asynchronous programming

Ironic article about asynchronous programming in the same thread. Spanish version at javaHispano.org

2011, Jan 10

TheServerSide.com article about ItsNat Server-Centric Single Page Interface Web Sites mainly stateless? Are you kidding?

About how the new disconnected nodes in server feature of ItsNat v1.1 helps to build the next generation of Single Page Interface web sites. Same article in Spanish at javaHispano.org

2011, Jan 4

Updated ItsNat Sites Demo

Added Google's AJAX Crawling support and preview of "disconnected nodes feature" of ItsNat 1.1 saving tons of server memory. Read the new Technical Notes for more info.

2010, Sep 7

Server Centric Java Frameworks: Performance Comparison

JavaLobby.org article about how much Java server-centric frameworks (including ItsNat) are efficient doing partial page changes, estimating the ratio between AJAX code sent to client and visual changes performed.

2010, Sep 1

How To Pick the Right Web Framework

TheServerSide.com article about how ItsNat is the right framework when some severe requisites are applied.

2010, Jun 7

Some hope for server-centric AJAX frameworks in Google App Engine

TheServerSide.com article about how a SPI ItsNat based web site can be at the same time stateful and stateless with no use of sessions. Same article at JavaHispano.org

2010, May 26

Can the page based web site of a big company be Single Page Interface?

YES IT CAN, ItsNat CAN DO IT!. Including SEO compatible, bookmarking, Back/Forward buttons without reload, working the same with JavaScript disabled, remote view/control, identical layout...

2010, April 30

Looking for Investors and Partners to CHANGE THE WORLD

For a Single Page Interface Web World.

2010, April 23

GAE online demo is running again

The call ServletContext.getRealPath("/") does not end with "/" in last version of Jetty. Fixed adding this missing "/" in the servlet initialization code.

2010, April 23

JavaHispano Podcast about Single Page Interface

Talking about Single Page Interface in general, SPI and SEO, bookmarking etc including ItsNat references. In Spanish.

2010, March 29

New tutorial: Single Page Interface Web Site With ItsNat STATEFUL Using HASHBANGS

Shows how easy is to build SPI Web Sites with ItsNat accomplishing the objectives of the SPI Manifesto. Source code and binaries are in SourceForge and you can see it online.

2010, March 11

The Single Page Interface Manifesto!

ItsNat is the first framework focused on providing SPI "web sites" (SEO compatible, bookmarks, visit counters, ads and page simulation in general).

2010, February 25

Eating your own dog food, Innowhere web site ported to ItsNat!

In spite of is not going to win a prize of web design, it has some critical elements of the upcoming Web 3.0: Single Page Interface (state based, AJAX intensive, not based on pages) including "state" bookmarking, states are SEO friendly and recognized by Google Analytics.

2010, February 12

DZone Article: ItsNat 0.7 Focuses on SVG and HTML5

Written by Mitchell Pronschinske, one DZone's Leader.

2010, February 3

New service: convert your web site/application to Single Page Interface with ItsNat

Request an ItsNat based prototype of your web site/application.More Info.

2009, December 22

CometDaily Article Comet in Newspapers: The Spanish Lottery Experiment

This article studies how AJAX polling and long polling can help to online newspapers.

2009, November 23

Tutorial about ItsNat and Comet Using Comet for asynchronous user notification of autonomous server thread progression

Author: Joseph McCarthy from IBM Ireland. About how to use ItsNat and long polling to asynchronously notify web users about what is doing an autonomous thread executing a long task in parallel. Note: to read this article use MSIE 6 or FireFox disabling styles (View/Page Style/No Style).

2009, November 17

ItsNat covered on the book Getting Started with iPhone SDK, Android and others: Mobile Application Development - Create your Mobile Applications Best Practices Guide

Author: Steven Hall. Specifically the chapter "A Software Technology called ItsNat".

2009, November 6

v0.7 is near, if you can't wait, ask for a working pre-release

Currently the work is focused on first class SVG (and XUL) support in MSIE.

2009, June 18

Web Builder Zone: XUL Based Web Applications. Why Not?

XUL support in ItsNat is near, this article review how remote XUL can be a modern option for solid web RIA applications.

2009, April 24

JavaLobby: The Future Of Open Source

Article about how dual licensing can drive the future of professional open source.

2009, March 27

CometDaily Mussing: ItsNat v0.6 released. Comet (long-polling) Now Event-Based

Summary and example code about this new feature.

2009, March 11

Added a new commercial licensing option

See commercial section

2009, March 11

Finished Example based on ExtJS CSS and HTML layout

Based on ItsNat v0.6. See online

2009, March 4

ItsNat tutorial in MAIKOMIJANARU: Using server-side DOM! Higher freedom with ItsNat Ajax framework

In Japanese, rough translation.

2009, January 30

JavaLobby Article: Better Java Web Frameworks: ItsNat

Article based on the reflections of Ibrahim Levent about Java web frameworks.

2009, January 4

CometDaily Mussing: Mobile Comet: Where are the Statistics?

Most mobile web browsers on today's smart phones support both Ajax and Comet. Are there useful statistics of usage data?.

2008, November 26

CometDaily Article: Is it Raining Comets and Threads… Again?

Based on Paul Tyma's investigations this article reviews the myth of Java NIO superiority (in performance and scalability) over the classic thread per connection (IO) technique, and how this affects to ItsNat approach for Comet.

2008, November 15

Eating your own dog food: AsPeopleSay ported to ItsNat

AsPeopleSay is a free online AJAX application to help writting in a foreign language including an online spell checker. Uses the One Single Web Page technique, documentation is searchable with Google and modal layers are used.

2008, October 30

CometDaily Mussing: Comet = Real Time Web

Pushing Comet as synonymous of "Real Time Web" instead of "Server Push".

2008, October 7

CometDaily Article: Server-Centric Comet With ItsNat

Introducing the two approaches for Comet in ItsNat including source code.

2008, August 25

CometDaily Article: Introducing ItsNat, a New Java-based Comet Tool

An overview of ItsNat and how it fits into the Comet ecosystem.

2008, August 19


If you need ItsNat now go to Commercial section

2008, July 12

ItsNat v0.3 on the web

JavaLobby's Web Framework Smackdown: ItsNat





2008, June 10


See Commercial section

2008, June 10

OpenJavaDay June 26 & 27 in Madrid, Spain. Hands-on Session with ItsNat

Event arranged by Sun and javaHispano.org

2008, Jan 31

Geertjan (NetBeans crew), interviews Jose M. Arranz about ItsNat

ItsNat Java Web Framework: DHTML on the Server

2008, Jan 19-21

Geertjan (NetBeans crew), creates a small plugin for ItsNat

Here and here and here (javaHispano podcast in Spanish)

2007, Dec 19 to 2008, Jan 21

ItsNat 0.2 on the web

JavaLobby Article: Server-sent events: the web upside down.

javaHispano Podcast interview to Jose M. Arranz (Spanish)

JavaLobby Announce

javaHispano.org Announce (Spanish)

ddpole's Blog, nice comments about ItsNat

Stephen Palmer's Blog kindly references ItsNat

2007, Dec 19

Added Tutorial (Core)


2007, Nov 1 - Dec 19

ItsNat on the web

JavaLobby Article/Opinion: Why is the source code of web applications So Ugly?

AJAXWorld Article/Opinion: Has Web Development Lost Its Way?

COMET Dialy (Reference)

JavaLobby (Announce)

javaHispano (Announce, in Spanish)

javaHispano Podcast (Announce, in Spanish)


2007, Nov 1

ItsNat web and first release launched!

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2015, Sept. 18

ItsNat v1.4 released. First release in JCenter/Maven Central

Download & Release Notes

2013, Jun 30

ItsNat v1.3.1 released. Fixed important bug

Download & Release Notes

2013, Jun 8

ItsNat v1.3 released. NEW STATELESS MODE!!!

Download & Release Notes

2011, May 24

ItsNat v1.2 released. LGPL v3 LICENSED!!!

Download & Release Notes

2011, Mar 17

ItsNat v1.1.2 released. Fixed an important bug, UPGRADE RECOMMENDED

Download & Release Notes

2011, Feb 21

ItsNat-Spring example released

Shows how to configure an ItsNat web application with Spring DI. Download at SourceForge

2011, Feb 11

Updated the Single Page Interface Web Site Tutorial and Demo

Fixed some bug, now even more Google AJAX Crawling friendly. Download at SourceForge. Links: tutorial, online demo.

2011, Feb 4

ItsNat v1.1.1 released. First class support of Google App Engine and session replication in general

Download & Release Notes

2011, Jan 8

ItsNat v1.1 released. Removing nodes only in server, Improved Tolerance to external JS libraries, BlackBerry JDE 6.0 (Torch), SVGWeb Owlephant

Download & Release Notes

2011, Jan 5

Updated the Single Page Interface Demo based on the SPI Site Tutorial

Added Google AJAX Crawling support. Download at SourceForge. Links: tutorial, online demo.

2010, Jul 23

ItsNat v1.0 IS OUT. Extreme Mashups, Full Remote Control, Remote Templates

Download & Release Notes

2010, May 14

Updated Single Page Interface Web Site Tutorial Example. Now Back/Forward are simulated avoiding reloads (pure SPI)

Download & Release Notes in SourceForge. Tutorial is also updated accordingly.

2010, May 14

Released ItsNat v0.7.0.6: Allowing FireBug's intrusiveness, better namespace support in HTML

Download & Release Notes

2010, Mar 24

Released ItsNat v0.7.0.5: Some improvements. Fixed some bugs

Download & Release Notes

2010, Mar 17

Released ItsNat v0.7.0.4: Some improvements. Fixed some bugs

Download & Release Notes

2010, Feb 25

Released ItsNat v0.7.0.3: Fixed some bugs

Download & Release Notes

2010, Feb 9

Released ItsNat v0.7.0.2: Fixed an important bug, upgrading recommended

Download & Release Notes

2010, Feb 1

Released ItsNat v0.7.0.1: Fixed an important bug, upgrading strongly recommended

Download & Release Notes

2010, Jan 29

Released ItsNat v0.7: More Natural (new DOM engine), SVG (and XUL) Festival, Google App Engine, more browsers...

Download & Release Notes

2009, March 12

Released ItsNat v0.6: More developer control, more browsers, preliminary full remote control

Download & Release Notes

2008, November 15

Released ItsNat v0.5: Opera Mobile 8.65 and 9.5 beta, Fennec, SkyFire, BlackBerry Bold and Storm support. Modal layers preview

Download & Release Notes

2008, October 6

Released ItsNat v0.4.1: Fixed a bug, Arora and QtWebKit Win CE supported

Download & Release Notes

2008, September 24

Released ItsNat v0.4.0.2: Fixed a critical bug

Download & Release Notes

2008, September 22

Released ItsNat v0.4: New Browsers and Bug Fixes

Download & Release Notes

2008, June 10

Released ItsNat v0.3: Pure SVG, Safari, Opera & Mobile Browsers

Download & Release Notes

2007, Dec 19

ItsNat Released v0.2

Download & Release Notes

2007, Nov 1

First Public ItsNat Release v0.1 !

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