As The Information recently reported, Facebook is working on an experimental application to create memes. The social networking giant hopes to capitalize on the popularity of this content.

Facebook wants to surf the TikTok wave

This new application should allow Facebook to regain popularity. Widely used, memes are funny and up-to-date content. It seems that this application was born with the growing success of TikTok. On this platform, memes are incredibly present and spread all over the world. Besides, ByteDance’s social network is growing very fast and is even approaching the 1.5 billion user mark.

Memes are potent contents that allow you to convey a message without the language barrier is a problem. It is worth noting that other applications for creating memes exist, but Whale is one of the only ones that are free. Whale will join the long list of experimental applications launched or purchased by Facebook. We think in particular of Moments, Notify, Lifestage, Poke, Slingshot, Tbh, Moves, or Hello. At the time of the creation of this new work team, Facebook was already stating that:

“We are not afraid to create new applications. Perhaps these experimental techniques will lead to the creation of new platforms, whatever. We will not set any limits. Our NPE team will have to be very agile and adapt if a product doesn’t work.

Maybe this will be the case for Whale? There’s no way to know at the moment. Like Facebook, Alphabet spends hundreds of millions of euros to create new experiences, testing the development of new products. Many of them fail, but a few stand out and can become viral applications in a short period. This approach is particularly useful for Facebook, which has so far only managed to develop Messenger, in addition to its primary application.

An app to create memes

A meme is an idea that spreads by being imitated or diverted. To be understood, the meme needs a context and the culture that accompanies it, which is why it generally only spreads among friends. With the Internet, we can see the success of this format. If the Internet has revealed the existence and term of meme to the general public, this phenomenon was defined in 1974 by the socio-biologist Richard Dawkins. He explains that literally, a meme is: “an element of a culture that can be considered as transmitted by non-genetic means, in particular by imitation.”

Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team, created in July, is working on this project. After developing Aux (a music-based application) and Bump (a chat application), the NPE team wants to release Whale: an app that allows you to create memes. For the moment, the application is being tested in Canada. The first results will enable the teams to know if they should commit more resources in the development of this application.