Planning to work on your own time? Or maybe, you want to earn more than what the usual 9 to 5 job brings? Then maybe, you might want to become a freelancer. Unfortunately, you will need to make sure that you are more organized if you plan on getting a lot of work. If you really want to increase your productivity and get more work done, you will need to have web apps.

What makes web apps handy for freelancers? One, you can have notifications regarding different work that you need to do. This way, you will stay on schedule and monitor your productivity. Next, it becomes easier to collaborate with other team members. Also, a lot of these apps are usually free. However, there are those apps wherein you have to pay a small amount. So what are the best web apps that you need to use as a freelancer?

Google Docs

Whether you are going to write an instruction or if you are going to write a copy that will be handed to an editor, a Google Docs can help make things easier. It also becomes easier to note the different mistakes that need some correction.

Google Spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheet is another tool that can change the way a team operates. If your work requires numbers and other things that make monitoring easier on a weekly or a monthly basis, then Google spreadsheet is a great tool that you can use. It can easily be used simultaneously by different users. In addition to this, there is also a chat function that allows users to interact with each other while the spreadsheet document is opened.


Now, if you want to save files and be able to access them remotely or share them with other people, you can have Dropbox. The thing with Dropbox is that it functions similarly as Google drive. It can also be used on your mobile device, and even use it to store your photos that can be used for posting on social media such as Instagram and Facebook.


Of course, communication is a must if you plan on becoming a freelancer. One of the most popular web app for communication is Skype. What makes Skype a good option? Not only does it have a chat that you can use to communicate with clients and team members, it can also be used for video calls as well. And of course, you can also send files that can be used for work.


If you are working with a  good number of other freelancers as a manager, then what you can use is Basecamp. Not only is this tool a great way to manage tasks, it can also be a good option to communicate with team members easily.

If you are going to work as a freelancer, it is imperative that you can do a lot of work in a short period of time. Web apps don’t do things for you, but it can definitely lighten up the load. With web apps, it can also make communication better when you work with other people from other parts of the world.