To protect your iPhone XS or XS Max worth way more than €1,000, would you put a shell or any kind of protection on it? Here is a selection of iPhone XS case models, all compatible with wireless charging, from various manufacturers.

Note that iPhone X shells are compatible with iPhone XS. The camera on the iPhone XS is slightly larger than the iPhone X camera, but that didn’t pose a problem with all the shells we tested.

Apple cases

Apple still offers the same shells for its new iPhone: silicone shell (45 $), leather shell and leather folio case (119 $ for the XS and 149 $ for the XS Max). The only new feature is new the color available in the autumn tone.

The silicone shell is not recommended: despite its high price, it is damaged relatively quickly (the film of the coating eventually comes off). New colors: nectarine, night blue, lavender grey, and horizon blue.

We notice on the Apple website that the iPhone X and iPhone XS have precisely the same dimensions. An iPhone X shell must, therefore, be able to work correctly with the iPhone XS. The props designer Spigen confirmed this point. To find more on iPhone XS Shells, you can see this webpage where there are lots of models available!

As far as the iPhone XS Max is concerned, the offer of protective cases is not yet very extensive. But this should change quickly, as manufacturers of hulls and other cases are on the way. In addition to the Apple offer, which is always expensive, we were able to find some models available (or very soon available). Below you will find more or less thin, transparent or plain shells, as well as XS Max cases with a wallet-style flap, and finally, protective glass for the screen:

The other iPhone XS Max shells

Spigen is one of the first brands to offer shells compatible with the iPhone XS Max.

First, there is the classic silicone, entirely transparent to reveal the design of the iPhone. This model is called Liquid Crystal; it is available here on Amazon.

There is also another non-transparent version, which we use on an iPhone X when writing. The black Liquid Air shell offers excellent protection and a good grip. The XS Max version is available here on Amazon.


Here is another model of the Spigen brand with a transparent back, this shell is for sale here on Amazon.


More brands :

For users who want a very protective shell, if not thin, the manufacturer Ringke offers an ultra-resistant model. The Fusion-X shell with a transparent back incorporates reinforced corners to protect against heavy falls. This model is on sale here on Amazon.

The Moko brand offers a protective iPhone XS Max shell, which includes a belt attachment system. This protection is available here on Amazon.

Transparency of stake for this protection leaving visible the beautiful lines of the iPhone XS Max. The icing on the cake is that the shell includes a back support, to allow the smartphone to stand upright, nothing more practical to watch movies, series, and other YouTube videos, well installed in its sofa. See his test here, performed by an reader. This protection is available here on Amazon.

We finish this selection on an ultra-thin shell of the EasyAcc brand, which we use for the iPhone X version. It is on sale here on Amazon.

iPhone XS Max Case Covers

Here, the protection is maximum since both the back and sides of the precious large iPhone are protected, but also the front face with a flap.

The Otterbox manufacturer specializes in particularly robust protection. It features a leather XS Max case shell, which protects the big screen! This one is available in 3 colors, and on sale here on Amazon. We had already tested this model and noticed a good quality of manufacture. This hull offers excellent protection, as well as outstanding durability, according to our tests.

Another model, proposed by the Toro brand. It is elegant leather protection with its stitched seams and the possibility of using Apple’s smartphone in landscape position, to watch videos on its large screen for example.

At EasyAcc, a straightforward wallet case model, which we tested and appreciated for the iPhone X. Synthetic, with landscape mode support function, but also the ability to automatically turn the iPhone screen on/off when the case is open or closed, like the cases offered by Apple.

At Noreve, the French specialist in leather hulls, a model adapted to the iPhone XS Max is, of course, available, with a flap to choose from vertically or laterally, but also the possibility of customizing the color and type of leather used.