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Investors and Partners

Last update: 2015 Sept. 16  

spiral Join to the Single Page Interface Revolution

Join to the Single Page Interface Revolution
What We Need

ItsNat is looking for investors and partners willing to CHANGE THE WORLD.

Single Page Interface (SPI) applied to Web Sites is the NEXT BIG paradigm shift, maybe the next Web 3.0.

The Web 2.0 is basically a read/write web where user provided content is now vital. In spite of we live in a Web of frequently changing content, sometimes in real time, unfortunately these web sites are based on pages like any old web 1.0 site, because they need Search Engine Optimization (SEO), that is, search engine web crawlers cannot traverse Single Page Interface Web Sites or sites intensive on JavaScript and AJAX in general.

The difference between a web application and a web site is becoming more a more blur. Recently Google is trying to crawl web sites with proposals to web developers like Making AJAX Applications Crawlable, the hard part is how to create HTML snapshots, in this case Google's solutions are far of optimal. FaceBook and Twitter are already SPI sites.

This is not longer true, ItsNat is so far THE ONLY SPI ORIENTED TOOL able to produce seamless Single Page Interface WEB SITES with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), bookmarking, back/forward support, page visit counters, ads etc . An ItsNat SPI Web Site can work like a page based web site when JavaScript is disabled, this provides an unmatched accessibility in SPI with no need of WAI-ARIA, in spite of WAI-ARIA can be used thanks to the full layout control of ItsNat; there is no need of a dual web site, the same site is dual, SPI and page based, because in some way ItsNat approach is an extreme case of progressive enhancement.

SPI development with ItsNat is very similar to page based, templates are based on pure HTML with NO CUSTOM TAGS OR LOGIC CODE so you can use your favourite WYSIWYG HTML editor and pure web designers are welcome to this new kind of web sites. In the extreme case custom JavaScript is not needed in your templates because you can ever delegate any behavior to the server using Java W3C DOM APIs and receiving Java W3C DOM Events. Anyway because in ItsNat you get full control of the layout of your SPI web site you can use client centric frameworks like jQuery, Dojo and so on for cool effects, ItsNat specific JavaScript code is unobstrusive and client markup is free from ItsNat dependencies.

Millions and millions of Web 1.0 and 2.0 sites are compelled to improve the user experience avoiding page reloading but seriously limited due to SEO and accessibility limitations. Porting to Single Page Interface and ItsNat is not difficult like this example and this example (based on a real world web site) prove.


You can get more info about the benefits of Single Page Interface like Comet, Server-Sent Events or Remote View/Control in the ItsNat web site and online demos and specifically:

Because we believe in Single Page Interface, this site http://www.itsnat.org is SPI (based on History API) made with ItsNat, also Innowhere.com/jnieasy the home of JNIEasy (a tool to access native code from Java) is SPI developed with ItsNat (hashbang based in this case), and you can find any content of our web site with Google Search, Yahoo, Bing ...

spiral What We Need

  • Funding to bring ItsNat to the next level.
  • Technologic Partners to bring ItsNat with confidence to companies.

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