UhrMozilla is continually working on improving the popular browser. Because of the flood of updates, many users lose track. Itsnat reveals what is in the current Firefox and what future Firefox updates promise.

Itsnat reveals which innovations Mozilla has hidden behind the Firefox browser interface.

Mozilla uses the so-called rapid release process (fast publishing cycle) for updates for the Firefox browser. It results in a massive Firefox update every six weeks on average, which raises the version number. If necessary, unscheduled updates appear to fix bugs and close security holes.

As in the case of the current version 65.0.2 for Windows, the manufacturer had to make improvements because there was a problem with the Geolocation API. The interface allows web services to query the position of the user. Mozilla already had to improve 65.0.1 with the update to Firefox to close three security gaps. The advantages Firefox 65 has to offer are explained in the following. Besides, there is an outlook on the innovations of Firefox 66, which is currently still in the beta stage, as well as the crypto mining and fingerprinting blockers in Firefox 67. Those who like to reminisce will get their money’s worth with the review of older Firefox versions at the very end of the article.

Firefox Update: First Beta, then Release

The final Firefox version corresponds to the standard version of the browser and is aimed at the majority of Firefox users; Mozilla distributes it via the so-called release channel to hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Currently, it is version 65.

To ensure that problems – as is currently the case in Firefox 65 – remain the exception, each browser version undergoes a six-week beta test by voluntary users before being finalized. The company is currently working on Firefox 66. The preliminary version usually contains all the features planned for the final release and runs stable, as a Mozilla quality assurance team has tested it beforehand. However, it often has minor bugs and is therefore aimed at early adopters, who have no problem with it. With weekly updates, the manufacturer eliminates the quirks that the beta testers notice.

What do Firefox users expect in the current final and beta versions? Please read on!

Firefox 65: Update brings WebP support

Firefox 65 did not trigger a significant wow effect among fans: By and large, the update only brings improvements in detail. So Mozilla decided to support the image format “WebP” at short notice – so far just the chromium based browser and Edge did as Google’s sample images show, the format developed by Google in 2010 scores with significantly smaller file size and consistent image quality.

As a result, many WebP already act as secret successors to JPEG. However, the format is also suitable as an alternative for the PNG and GIF formats, as it supports transparency and animation. Also, Mozilla has enabled the playback of videos in the young, royalty-free and open AV1 format under Windows. Why the manufacturer is convinced of precisely this method of video compression, he wrote down in a longer blog post.