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spiral This Web Site

This web site
The Feature Showcase
ItsNat SPI Web Site Demo/Tutorial
ItsNat Experiments
ItsNat Sites
Other Web Sites using ItsNat
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The ItsNat web site is powered by ItsNat, it is a Single Page Interface SEO compatible following the The Single Page Interface Manifesto.

spiral The Feature Showcase

The ItsNat Feature Showcase, is a special Java AJAX web application developed with ItsNat.

Is included into the ItsNat distribution and shows most of the ItsNat features with examples including source code viewable online and explanations.

The Feature Showcase code is not part of the ItsNat Server Framework, the license is very liberal, use the source code as you want including closed source developments.

Follow this LINK to launch.

In spite of the Feature Showcase is not designed for Google App Engine (because the main tree and many examples are based on Swing and Swing is forbidden in GAE), some examples run on GAE. The Feature Showcase is running on GAE HERE.

spiral ItsNat SPI Web Site Demos/Tutorials

There are already made four simple examples of Single Page Interface (SPI) SEO compatible web sites, they are explained in respective tutorials. They may be seen as prototypes of the upcoming Web 3.0 that ItsNat promotes according to the The Single Page Interface Manifesto.

These are the links to the online demos:

These web sites are SPI because are AJAX intensive, based on "states". States can be saved as bookmarks, are SEO friendly (for instance Google's crawler can traverse states like a page based application) including Google's AJAX Crawling specification when using hashbangs, and recognized by Google Analytics like conventional pages.

Take a look to the support section for the respective tutorials and more tutorials/online examples.

spiral ItsNat Experiments

ItsNat Experiments is a website devoted to "experiment" with ItsNat. Including:

  • A server centric Single-Page Interface web application using the cool styles and HTML layout of ExtJS without ExtJS JavaScript code. This is an example of how you can convert almost any running web application to ItsNat.
  • WAI-ARIA example using namespaces in a page served with text/html.
  • WAI-ARIA example of a tree widget.
  • MathML example served with text/html MIME (only runs in browsers with MathML support like FireFox and soon WebKit browsers like Chrome and Safari)
  • Hybrid Client/Server Centric Programming.
  • XPath Examples.
  • jOOX Examples.
  • Java Unified Expression Language Examples.
  • Hot Class Reload of JAVA sources Example based on RelProxy.
  • Groovy Example with Hot Class Reload based on RelProx.

spiral ItsNat Sites

"The author cloned a large Spanish retailer using techniques similar to those in the tutorial listed above and created his own demo. It works in browsers that have disabled JavaScript, it's SEO friendly, the navigation works without reloading, back/forward works with no reloading, the layout is the same as the original--in short this demo is very impressive!" HTML Goodies

ItsNat Sites is the space to show cloned real world page based web sites as SPI with SEO using hashbangs (supporting Google's AJAX Crawling), bookmarking, back/forward simulation, working with JavaScript disabled etc.

The first example includes a partial SPI clone of the e-commerce web site of a big Spanish company.

This example is also running on Google App Engine with session replication (GAE does not support sticky sessions). By using techniques of memory saving of ItsNat, in spite of markup complexity, session data of this demo shared between nodes only takes 28kb! This demo can also run in GAE disabling session replication, the web site is at the same time stateful and stateless more info.

spiral Other Web Sites using ItsNat

  • PlayStation Asia

    The current version of the website is based on ItsNat stateful. An interesting example of a big and visually complex site mixing ItsNat and powerful jQuery effects.

    An example of the power of ItsNat is the Single Page game catalog navigation

    The company running PlayStation Asia website is developing tools (CMS) and other websites based on ItsNat.

  • Swire Travel

    Established in 1948, Swire Travel is one of Hong Kong’s largest travel management companies.

  • Innowhere.com/jnieasy

    innowhere.com/jnieasy is the home of the product JNIEasy and a real world example of SPI Web Site promoted by The Single Page Interface Manifesto, in fact, this web site is the reference site of the Manifesto.

  • AsPeopleSay

    Is a free online AJAX application to help writting in a foreign language including an online spell checker. Uses the Single Page Interface (SPI) technique, in spite of SPI, documentation loaded with modal layers is searchable with Google (Help and Use Terms are reachable). This application is hybrid, server centric (ItsNat) and client centric (custom JavaScript), both cooperating.

  • Soler y Llach

    Soler y Llach is an Spanish auction company of old art, ItsNat is used for monitoring dynamic generation of PDF files and real time auctions (auction simulator example, mixes ItsNat and jQuery, see this explicative video, audio in Spanish), both examples use ItsNat Comet for instant client updating.

  • I Like Places

    On development social community. Open sourced at GitHub. JavaDoc

    Mixes client and server technologies like JQuery, Google Maps and ItsNat.

    You can find development notes regarding ItsNat and I Like Places here.

    PivotalTracker of the project.

  • AudioTurismo.com

    Turistic podcasts of Spanish cities (in Spanish). SPI web site (SEO compatible, with bookmarking, working with JavaScript disabled etc).


    ItsNat was used in this I+D project of Telefónica I+D, as part of an OSGi module.

    More here Who uses ItsNat?

spiral Do you want to port your old/page based Web Site/Application to ItsNat?

Your old page based web site/application can be easily migrated to a Single Page Interface (SPI) application with ItsNat.

Request an ItsNat based prototype of your web site/application. More Info.

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